Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Genesis and Creation (9) - Changing World

A fourth fundamental truth in Genesis is that mankind was created good. This is a serious blow to any theory that humans evolved from another species. If these theories are true, there is no point of development when we stopped being chimpanzees and became human. The change was gradual. A species that is evolving is not perfect, because it can get better in the future. In theory, an evolving species could evolve to be closer to the image of God in the future. The truth is that God created mankind in his image.

This is essential for understanding Jesus ministry. If we evolved from the apes, we have never been totally good and cannot be expected to be good. People who behave like animals are just being true to their nature. If we are evolving into a more advanced species, we do not need a saviour. We just need more of the right kind of evolution.

Animals cannot sin. Only people who are created good can fall into sin. If sin is not real, Jesus had no reason to die, and the cross was a terrible blunder. However, God does not make mistakes. Jesus died, because sin is real. Sin is real, because humans were created good, before falling into disobedience. Jesus came to restore things back to the way they were before that fall, when all things were good as Genesis One describes.

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