Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Changing the World (1)

Everybody wants to change the world. The world is not as good as we would like it to be, so we all want to make it better. This is an important question. How should the world be changed?

There are two ways to change the world.

  1. From the top down
  2. From the bottom up.
Top Down Change
Most modern attempts to improve the world use top-down change. Most modern attempts to change the world use political power in its various forms.

  • Starting a new political party
  • Changing the policies of the main political parties
  • Elect a new president
  • Elect better people to parliament
  • Support the Christian Right
  • Legislate better laws
  • Pass more laws
  • Stiffer penalties
  • Three strikes and you are out
  • Establish a new commission
  • Establish a new department of state
  • Develop new government programs
  • Develop institutions for change
  • Join the revolution
  • Shoot the powerful people
  • Overthrow the government
  • Let the people size power
All of these solutions represent change from the top. All have been tried in different place at different times, and all have failed. People do not like be controlled, so they resist change imposed from the top.

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