Saturday, June 20, 2009

Changing the World (4) - Political Powers

Christians do not need to worry about the political powers. As the Kingdom of God expands, the political powers will gradually be made redundant.

  • Once kings and presidents have become redundant, God will sweep them away.

  • Christians should not try and bring them down.

  • Prophetic Christians will speak against the political powers to release God’s power against them.

  • The Book of Revelation describes the final collapse of human governments and empires.

God will not remove the human government that pushes down from the top, until the Kingdom is advancing from the bottom up.

Many Christians are hostile to the power of the state. They want to eliminate its intrusion into their lives, but they are quite negative about the Kingdom of God. They would not come and say it, but many believe that God’s method for expanding the Kingdom simply will not work. They are free to hold this line, but they must understand that God will not remove the power of the state until he has been able to build something in its place. If we do not take the challenge of the Kingdom seriously, we will have to put up with the weight of human political bearing upon us for a good long time.

The truth is different. There is no limit on the power of the Holy Spirit, but he cannot do his work on earth without a body of believers do work through so we must never doubt his ability. If we are unwillingly to pursue it seriously, he will not force the Kingdom upon us. We are the only obstacle the Kingdom, so we should not grumble about the lingering weight of the state.

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Anonymous said...

A very good point about not getting involved in bringing politicians down. I'm also questioning whether Christians should get involved in any sort of democratic political activity. Here in the U.S. I've seen devout followers of Christ turn into stark raving mad slanderers of the "opposition". The integrity of our testimony seems to suffer when we become politically active.
A very good blog.
Mark A. in Minnesota U.S.A.