Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tens and Hundreds (18) - Moving Out

P grew to maturity quickly, so A was soon able to leave him to look after the blue houses. A moved to a house in D Street and next door to a Christian who was already a part of the blue group. This person believed that many of his neighbours were interested in the gospel, so A came to give him a hand in getting things started.

E stayed in the same house, but left B to exercise oversight over the Christians in the green houses. They were all doing well and did not need much help anyway. E switched his attention to some people at the other end of the street and started building relationships with a group of believers connected to the person in the green house in D Street. Before much time passed, people living in the orange houses were seeking to follow Jesus and E was helping them get connected to each other.

For more on how this works, see the Apostolic Way.

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