Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tens and Hundreds (17) - Neighbourhood View

Christian elder A moved into A Street. He knew that P was a person of influence, so he rented the house next door to him. When P’s crippled daughter was healed, he and all his family decided to follow Jesus. Everyone in A Street saw the dramatic change in both P and his daughter. When they asked what had happened, he blurted out the entire story with the gospel sprinkled in between. Those living in the blue houses chose to become Christians. Elder A watched over them to ensure that none got side tracked. He also worked hard on building relationships between them. Their activities centred on P’s house.

This is only part of the story. When A moved into A Street, he did not come alone. His friends R and E had moved at about the same time. They had served together in the church that they came from and knew each other well.

The faith stirred up following the healing of P’s daughter led to the healing of a couple of other seriously ill people at the end of the street. E shared the gospel to many others living in the street and some came to believe. He took responsibility for those living in the houses shaded in green and built relationships between them. R focussed on those living on his side of the street.

For more see Evangelist.

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