Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tens and Hundreds (23) - Beat Principalities

Tens and Hundreds are the solution to spiritual protection. In the Biblical model, authority is concentrated at the lowest level in the Ten, and that authority remains miniscule, because membership in a Ten is voluntary. A little bit of authority is passed up to the Hundred, but it can be easily withdrawn. During a crisis, some authority may be extended to a Thousand, but this authority is always be taken back, if the leader loses the plot, or when the crisis ends. This diffusion of authority foils the plans of the enemy. Evil spirits can no longer concentrate their attacks on a few powerful people, but have to spread themselves thin. As they disperse to deal with authority that is diffused throughout society, they become fragmented and powerless.

Many Christians have an overinflated view of the enemy’s power. They believe that our struggle is against spiritual forces that are almost as powerful as the Holy Spirit. The truth is that Satan’s power is an illusion. Evil forces have amplified their power by gaining control over political and religious leaders with authority and control over others.

Political and religious power has magnified the authority of spiritual evil. If an evil spirit gains control over one person, he can make that persons life miserable. If the same spirit were to gain control over a king or President, he can make a nation miserable. If that spirit gains influence over a mega church, he can lead a thousand people astray. When political and religious control collapses, demonic power will be greatly diminished. When confined to one-on-one battle, they will be easily defeated.

Tens will provide spiritual protection for their communities by standing together in unity. They will watch over each other and stand together to resist the power of the enemy. When people love Jesus and walk in the Spirit, the enemy will have no grounds for attack.

Other people in the neighbourhood will continue to sin and some may allow evil into their lives. The difference with respect to protection from evil is that none of these people have authority over anyone else in their community (except in the rare situation where one is employed in the business of another). This limits their ability to expose others to the spirits that influence them.

The only people in the street with authority over others are the elders. They are submitted to each other, so their authority is constrained. The elders will be watching over each other, so if one come under attack or falls into sin, the others will deal with the issue to get victory over evil.

Tens and Hundreds provide spiritual protection for each other and the people in their neighbourhood.

  • The only authority in the street will be exercised by the elders of the Tens. They are protected by submitting to each other.

  • The members of the Ten get spiritual protection by submission to other and their leaders.

  • The person of peace will have influence in the street, but being “peaceful”, they should be free from spiritual harassment.

  • The members of the Ten are not submitted to regional and national political powers and the spiritual principalities that cling to them.

A Street has become an authority-lite zone, making it a relatively a demon-free zone.

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