Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tens and Hundreds (21) - Service and Kingdom

The Tens living in A Street will serve everyone in their street.

  • Welfare — Christian deacons will provide support to anyone in the street who needs help, whether or not they are Christians. They will be glad to help those who have not received the gospel. Kind unbelievers might give money to the deacons, because they will appreciate the work that that they are doing for people they know.

  • Justice — Christian leaders will be active in helping non-believers to achieve justice if they are robbed or hurt. They will be quite happy to bless free riders.

  • Defence — If the community is attacked, the Christians will provide protection for everyone. They will provide protection to non-Christians, even if they are unwilling to make a contribution to the defence efforts. Some of them will be glad to follow the directions of Christian leaders, because they will recognise that they are prepared and know what they are doing. Christian leaders would seek to bring everyone into unity as they seek to protect their community.

Christian leaders will not control Christians in their care, but will see to serve them. They will also seek to serve the other people in their street. Most people living in the street will respect their leadership because they will have observed their kindness and love. Anyone who does not like their leadership will ignore it.

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