Thursday, September 24, 2009

Authority (20) - Danger

The hierarchical structure is dangerous, because it is vulnerable to attack. Satan could attack people at every level in the hierarchy (red arrows).

Attacking everyone in the hierarchy is one option, but is quite inefficient from the devil’s perspective. Attacking people in positions of authority is far more effective use of his resources. If a few people control the organisation, the devil can gain control over all of them by attacking the person at the top with most authority. Here he gains the same level of control, using only a quarter of the resources.
Hierarchical allows a few demonic powers to control large numbers of people. This is why principalities and powers have been so important. They are evil spirits controlling cities and nations through the power of human hierarchies. By making extensive use of imposed authority, the people of the world have massively amplified the power of the enemy.

The devil was able to work great evil through Hitler, because Hitler exercised immense imposed authority. The Beast of Revelation will be do great evil, because he is given imposed authority by many lesser political powers. The United States political system is extremely dangerous, because one man has control over three hundred million people. The devil can deploy huge power, by gaining control of the president.

If the devil were unable to leverage his power by using human authority structures, he would be severely weakened. A key to destroying his power and advancing the kingdom of God is to destroy hierarchical power structures. By advocating and perpetuating political and religious power structures, Christians are increasing the power of the enemy.

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