Monday, September 14, 2009

Clear Prophecy

With regard to clarity, prophecy and its application must not be confused.

The application of a prophecy can be unclear, especially if it is intended for a different person or a different time, or the listeners have heard hearts. The prophecy itself should be clear and precise.

This is evident from the scriptures. The application of many prophecies is unclear. Often the application is not clear until the prophecy has been fulfilled. This is true of Revelation. Much of the application of this book is still not clear.

The prophetic word itself if always very clear and precise. The prophets did not just dictate what they heard the Holy Spirit saying, like automatons. They received a revelation from God and wrote down or spoke what they had received. It is clear that what they wrote is very carefully honed. Much of Jeremiah’s prophecy is presented as poetry. John recorded the revelations he received on Patmos with an amazing economy of words, yet what he saw is vividly and precisely described.

Jesus never rambled. The beatitudes themselves are amazingly precise and clear. The application of them is much more difficult.

Jesus could tell an complicated parable in just a few words, because his communication was precise and clear. His listeners understood the story clearly, their problem was with the application.

Isaiah 53 is a good example. The application of this prophecy was totally unclear, until Jesus had died on the cross. However, the prophecy itself was very clear and precise. Reading now, it is clear that every word was important and is exactly where the Holy Spirit wanted it to be.

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