Saturday, September 05, 2009

Worry about the Economy?

I am worried about the economy. The economic signs and statistics seem to be pointing to a recovery. People are heaving a sigh of relief. “If that is depression, its not too bad. We can cope”.

The reason that I am worried is that some prophecies about economic crisis suggested that crisis would strike when things are coming right. Just when people are saying, “Everything is fine”, the economy will collapse.

I do not have a revelation about this, but if God is going shake our economy, we have not seen it yet. It will come at the very time when we stop worrying about it. That seems to be happening now.

I wrote the words above about a month ago. After reading them again yesterday, I saw a couple of interesting newspaper articles.

The New Zealand economy is on the cusp of a fragile recovery," said Shamubeel Eaqub, the NZIER's chief economist (New Zealand Herald 1 Sept 2009).

Goldman Sachs JBWere has called time on the recession and expects a steady rise in economic growth over the next 18 months (Stuff 1 Sept 2009).

For most New Zealanders the recess has been nowhere near as bad as predicted. Only three in ten New Zealanders believed the recession had turned out to be as bad as expert or the news media predicted (The Press 4 Sept 2009).
I also listened to John Paul Jackson’s warning of the Perfect Storm.

Last night I had a dream. I am not sure if it was a revelation, or just emerged from the thoughts that were swirling around in my mind.

I had joined with some other people for a picnic by beside a railway line. When a train came by, a tanker waggon swung out an hit a rock that knocked it off the track. The locomotive and the passenger cars remained on the track, so the people within them were unharmed. They were able to roll on, leaving the tanker waggon lying on its side beside the track.

While we were still picnicking, a passenger train came by. Once of the passenger cars struck the tanker waggon, and the entire train toppled on its side beside the track. I rushed ahead of the people that were with me, and entered into one of the carriages. Some of the people had escaped, but others were trapped where they set. I had to lift debris from the collapse carriage off, so they could free themselves. The train was totally wrecked, but all the passengers eventually escaped.

I wondered if the dream related to the economy. Maybe the crash that people believe they have escaped will be quickly followed by another crash that will be far more serious. Will people come to new life after this crash?


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Through prayer, study of the word, researching various christian prophets, etc., I have come to believe that the stock market will move up, and return closer to the value it had, before the September 2008 crash.
I think it will rise in value, one last time, and then it will be time to sell most of one's stock, and get out of the stock market. After that, buy bonds, gold, and have cash because the economy will flatline.
I am praying about timing, as to when to get out of the stock market. I think we will have one more strong rally. I am not sure how long it will last. Prophet Kim Clement has said "there is no recession," according to what he believes the Lord is telling him. I believe that the greedy manipulators of the stock market will want another bull market, before stricter government regulations are put in place. Our government it moving towards more socialism, so the days of making big money on Wall Street may soon be a thing of the past. The manipulators have gotten away with so much, and they will continue to run up the market, while they can.