Saturday, September 26, 2009

Authority (22) - Holy Spirit

The Kingdom of God is established when a person obeys the Holy Spirit, regardless of where they are in the hierarchies of life. Each believer can do Jesus will, by listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Authority is chopped up and pushed down to the lower levels of the hierarchy. The lines of control can be removed.

An interesting thing then happens. Once everyone is living and walking in the Holy Spirit, hierarchy becomes unnecessary. People no longer need someone to control them or to tell them what to do. A prophetic person might be useful to capture vision and direction, but that person does not need to hold a position of control. The organisation might need someone to act as spokesperson, but they do not need to have imposed control over others.

As the Holy Spirit gains control, the people with delegated power (darker spheres) lose their role. They will need to step down to a lower place to fulfil their role. There is no need for anyone to be greater than the others.
The devil is severely weakened because he cannot concentrate his power in one place. If he does concentrate against one person, he does not gain much because the person he attacks has very little authority. Dispersing religious and political authority is essential for the advance of the Kingdom of God.

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