Friday, September 18, 2009

Testing Prophets

When a person acts as a prophet to a nation, the nation has to decide, if the person is a prophet to the nation. It is recognition by the nation that ultimately establishes a person as prophet to the nation.

When a prophet speaks publicly, the public have the right and responsibility to assess whether the word is right and relevant to them. They should not blindly follow it. I think that we need more rigorous debate about some of the words that are spoken by modern prophets. I have publically suggested that a couple of big name prophets have actually interpreted their dreams incorrectly. I think we need more of that kind of discussion. I would be concerned, if Christians felt that they must shut up, no matter what they think about a word or a prophet.

The person critiquing a prophecy must keep their heart right. They must not speak out of envy or jealousy. (That is where Miriam went wrong.) They must not impugn the character of a prophet, if they do not know them. They should be careful, that they are not rejecting a prophecy that God is speaking to them. They should remain humble. They should speak with the courtesy that should apply to all Christian interactions with other people. However, if people keep their heart right, there is nothing wrong with questioning the role of a person that other people have put up as a prophet, or a word that a prophet has put out.

There is an awful lot of prophetic junk out there. There are many prophets who have stepped up to the next level, before they are ready. We actually need more testing of prophecies and prophets not less.

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