Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vague Prophets

Many modern prophets are quite vague. They often ramble and their messages are often confused and vague. Quantity of words often seems to be more important than quality. When I look at the prophecies on the various prophetic websites, I find that many of them to be ambiguous and imprecise. Vague words benefit the prophet, because it means that no one can prove that they have spoken a word that is not true. With some prophecies that are said to be fulfilled, it is hard to be sure, because the wording is so loose that you could drive a truck through it.

I am sure that many of these people have received a revelation. They have just not taken the trouble to hone the word and ensure that they are communicating what they have received precisely and accurately. If prophecy is going to be taken seriously, prophetic people will need to communicate much more clearly.

The biblical prophets were very precise and clear in the way they wrote and spoke their words. They knew they would quite likely be misunderstood by a people with hardened hearts, so they made sure that they did not give them and excuse, by speaking vaguely. The application of a prophecy will often be unclear. People with hardened hearts will not just not get it, but that is not an excuse for prophets to be lazy with their presentation. I am not surprised that much modern prophecy is ignored, because the wording is often just too sloppy.

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Gene Redlin said...

You know I love you Ron. I have tried to get my hands around what to you would be a "non Vague" prophecy.

How specific do you need it to be before it passes the Ron test?

Does ANY of the prophecy in the old or new testaments of the Bible pass the Ron test? And how?

I don't get it? Somehow you have been distressed about all this more than is necessary. What's behind this. You write about it more than normal.

Can you point to any word of prophecy of recent times that was dead on fully up to the Ron test?

Just asking.