Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Mountains (2) - Goverenment Mountain

The last two centuries have seen an enormous increase in Government power. Modern governments have unprecedented authority and power to impose it. Traditional empires were ruthless in killing people and seizing power, but they had very limited objectives. If the empires border was secure and wealth continued to flow to the centres of power they were content. They had no agenda for reforming society.

The Roman empire provided “bread and circuses”, but they were joking about the bread. They preferred people to be hungry, as they would be less likely to reveal. Nebuchadnezzar would be shocked that Obama is worried about 12 percent unemployment.

Modern governments have far greater power. They are able to control over every aspect of life, but the have much greater agendas too.

Human government is collapsing. It is rotting from within as power corrupts character.
Democracy empowers inadequate people.
  • If they can work the system, they will be unsuitable for power.

  • If they are suitable for power, they get chewed up by the system.

The job of leading has become too big for one person. Bush and Bama are examples.

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