Saturday, August 13, 2011

Transforming Society (5) - Gospel Growth

Ernie loved to share the gospel, so within a few months, the people in the green houses had come to faith and were being discipled by him. Richard tended to be a bit black and white, so he was not quite so good at sharing the gospel, but he agreed to look after the people in the red houses, who had been touched by other Christians in the street.

A year later, Phil had grown quickly, so Alf was able to leave him to look after the blue houses. Alf moved his family into D Street, where he rented a next door to a Pat who was already a part of the blue group. Pat believed that many of his neighbours were interested in the gospel, so Alf came to give him a hand to get things started.
Ernie stayed in the same house, but left Bill to exercise oversight over the Christians in the green houses. They were all doing well and did not need much help anyway. Ernie switched his attention to some people at the other end of the street and started building relationships with a group of believers connected to the person in the green house in D Street. Before much time passed, people living in the orange houses were seeking to follow Jesus, and Ernie was helping them get connected.

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Some of my friends seem to be doing things in a way similar to what you suggest. There are differences to be sure, but figured you might enjoy hearing some of their stories: