Saturday, August 20, 2011

Transforming Society (12) - Kingdom of God

Something amazing had happened in this community. The leadership of Alf, Ernie, Richard, Bill and Phil is recognised by everyone in A Street, because they have made good things happen, without coercion. Even the people who are not Christians, generally go along with their decisions, because they recognise their wisdom and can see that they are dedicated to serving the community. On most decisions that affect the community, the people gladly submitted to these five guys, who are submitted to Jesus. Most of the time in A Street, his will is done.

That means God’s kingdom had come.

A dozen government departments have been made redundant by the Kingdom of God.
  • Department of Sanitation
  • Department of Employment
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Department of Social Welfare
  • Police department
  • Defence Department
  • Department of Courts
  • Department of education
  • Department of Health


Charlotte said...

This is all fantastic Ron. I read the Gene Redlin prophecy as well with quickening of spirit.

just a question... how do you think this will translate in the specific kiwi suburb environment? (ie high walls around properties, car culture etc allowing neighbours to live out of sight of each other for years on end).

Im interested in your thoughts!


Ron McK said...

That is a good quetion. It is not going to happen easily. We have been behind our fences and travelling in our cars for so long, it is scary coming out. It scares me.

Change is hard. Our house church has struggled to move beyond being a Sunday meeting.

On the other, we have to do it. If Christians cannot restore community from the bottom up, we will see more of what we saw in Totenham.