Thursday, August 18, 2011

Transforming Society (10) - Defence

Things got pretty bad in the economy. When the government failed to pay their wages for several months, the police went on strike. Gangs of youths began to roam the streets looking for people and places to loot. The local guys parked a couple of cars at the entrance of the street to block the entry by undesirables.

William, who was retired, agreed to act as a look out. Whenever, unsavoury people came up to the entrance of the street, William would call some of the men from the neighbourhood together. When intruders saw them standing at the entrance to the street, they would go off to look for easier pickings.


Ron McK said...

Readers who think this situation seems unreal should read this important prophetic word by Gene Redlin.

Anonymous said...

Seems real to me, B-E-.

I bought a modest 'Doomstead' in a remote part of the southwest U.S., 450 miles from home, as an insurance policy. The Doomstead is entirely self-sufficient, in terms of power (solar), heat (wood, from our 40 acres of woodland), water (captured rainfall and, soon, a well), and food (I have cleared 1/2 acre and have sown cover crops, to prepare the soil for a future garden).

I would love to move to the outskirts of a God-fearing town and become part of that community, but my wife thinks my fears are way overblown (but she listens to me somewhat, as I put 100% of our net worth in gold and silver back in '04).

Ron McK said...

Isolation is not the solution.

Anonymous said...

I agree, B-E-, and am awaiting a change in heart of, and view by, my wife.

I find your unfolding picture of a new Christian community to be most appealing. I think my wife will find it appealing, too. But, I think she may not change her mind until unrest comes to our neighborhood or to our childrens' schools.