Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Transforming Society (9) - Crime

One day a boy living in D Street was accusing of stealing a bike. He claimed to have bought the bike, but the previous owner claimed he had not been paid. Phil and Alf pointed out that Jeremy was a very wise person. They suggested that both parties to the dispute present their case to Jeremy and let him suggest a solution. Jeremy looked at all the evidence and decided on a fair solution. Both the boy and his accuser accepted his verdict, so the dispute was resolved and peace was restored to the community.

Jeremy’s wisdom gradually became well known and even non-Christians began to bring their disputes to him. A system of justice had begun to emerge in the community. This is important, because biblical justice functions better in a community than in a bureaucracy.

On one occasion, Jeremy decided that a girl living in A Street had stolen something things from the local supermarket. Alf and Phil made fourfold restitution on her behalf. They allowed her to make weekly payments back to them until the debt was cleared. She could not avoid the payments, because she wanted to remain living in the community. If she had scarpered, Alf and Phil would have carried the loss, because they wanted their community to have a reputation for justice.

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