Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cultural Change

There is a massive cultural change taking place in US at the moment, and it is going against Christians. The gay marriage issue is just one little symptom. It is true that Christians in the US have massive privilege, but it is a legacy from the past, and it will disappear. It is true that 70 percent of Americans call themselves Christian, but that is just identification with the dominant culture. Once they realise that Christianity is no longer dominant, they will quickly change their allegiance.

The US is about twenty-years behind NZ. In the 1960s, the church here had a place of privilege here too. Now it is considered a joke by the media. Back then, most politician would say they went to church, even if they rarely did. Now if you say you are a Christian you will not get elected. All my school friends knew what denomination they were. Now no one cares.

Americans Christian will soon find themselves in the same situation. Looking at Christians or churches on American television programs, you will see where the future is going. So Christians in America should be worried. In such a violent country it could lead to nasty persecution once it is realised that they are a minority.

On the other hand, I have no sympathy with Christian grumbling, because the situation is where it is because they have failed to preach the gospel. They are the cause of the problem they are grumbling about, because it is evidence that they have failed to the job.

The situation is made messy, because American Christianity has taken on a lot of junk from US nationalism, which has nothing to with the gospel. Not only has this contributed to the failure of the gospel, but it make American Christianity look rather ugly. Hopefully, losing the culture war will expose the junk, and strip it away. The American church will have to get back to the Christian core to recover a message that will influence in their culture again.


Anonymous said...

The American church has spent the last 40 years trying to make Christianity look cool, but Worldly Lite can't compete with plain old Worldly. Now they don't know what to do because they've cut themselves off from their own roots.

Edwina M Stroud said...

Jesus never decorated the gospel and so neither should man. I concur. It is an offering of life and life more abundent for the heavy laden. Therefore there should never be any sort of compromise of this fact to please satisfy or even appeal to man. Lol worldly lite Christians are simply carnal with a personal agenda that has nothing to do with God's plan for his people. Scripture needs no adjustment. It never fails. The ideas of man often do. Edwina M Stroud