Thursday, July 09, 2015

Visions of Disaster (2)

Actually, the powers of evil are not strong enough to create a big earthquake or tsunami. The devil is a boaster, and often exaggerates what he is able to do. All his powers can do is trigger a situation where there is a build up of tension in the rocks. They can change the timing and the direction, but that is about all. (The ones who smashed up the fountains of the deep in Noah’s time are locked up, so they can no longer destroy the earth, as God promised Noah).

God’s prophecy is nearly always redemptive. He warns what will happen and tells his people how to prepare, so they can of restore the people the world when they are shaken. He does not prophesy mindless destruction for the sake of destruction (that is the devil’s game.

A tsunami would just destroy everything. It does not help the gospel. Just as the Christchurch earthquake didn’t advance the gospel, because the church was not prepared. (This is the point of the Commando army. God really needs it in place before he can fully shake the nation.)

I listened to Graeme Cooke’s message to New Zealand again at the weekend. Every time I listen, it feels like fire burning in my heart. He does not speak destruction for New Zealand. He speaks of a storm, but a storm that would sort through churches. Those built on the rock of Jesus will stand, but those that do not own Jesus and do not pursue his Spirit will be swept away. The storm is for the purification and transformation of the church, not for the destruction of society.

I have pondered what the storm could be. It could not be a Tsunami and earthquake, because that would just destroy everything: It would not sort churches. Persecution would do it, but that does not seek likely this year. It could happen, but it would take the church to oppose the world on a popular issue. That seems unlikely, so I assume that it is more like to be economic, because that would challenge churches that are not built on Jesus foundation. However, I do not have a word from God on that. What I do get is a picture of confusion in Wellington. Politicians and bureaucrats making mistake after mistake that makes troubles worse.

Years ago, a pastor in Invercargill shared a dream of vision of a massive wave, sweeping onto the South Island from the east. It struck Southland first and then moved north. He believed that God was showing him a massive move of the Spirit that will sweep the South Island. That is the sort of vision that stirs my heart.

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