Thursday, July 30, 2015

Different Standards

Kingdom communities are broader than churches, because they encompass all the people in the neighbourhood, including those who are not Christians. Participation will be voluntary, but it will be hard to resist the benefits that flow from a kingdom community, so some who have rejected Jesus will join in from time to time.

Christian society will operate at two levels with different standards of behaviour.

  1. Christians will be spread through society. They are expected to live by gospel standards, because they have the gift of the Spirit.
    • Love one another
    • Turn the other cheek
    • Give to those who ask for help.
    This type of behaviour should be normal for Christians, but it will not be expected from those who have chosen not to follow Jesus.

  2. The same society will have many non-Christians spread through it. The standard for them is God’s law. Nothing more will be expected of them.
    • No stealing
    • No assault
    • No murder
    • No adultery
    These laws are the core of God’s law. They are the lowest common denominator that everyone will accept.
Non-Christians will often benefit from Christian love, but they will not be expected to live by Christian standards.

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