Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Good Government?

Many Christians believe that,

Political power is designed by God to be good and just!
This statement does not make sense.
  1. If God is the source of goodness, how does political power get to be good without him.

  2. What is the standard of goodness for political government? Where is it found” Aristotle or Madison?

  3. Political power will always be worldly, not good

  4. Everything outside the Kingdom of God is the kingdom of darkness (the world). How can a government that is part of the kingdom of darkness be good. God can use evil for good, but that does not make it good.

  5. If the Kingdom of God is God’s perfect plan for goodness and justice, another system of government cannot also be good.

  6. We seem to want to have our cake and eat. We want to have this nice little kingdom on the side, where we can practice loving and caring in privacy our homes or churches, while having all the benefits of a good secular government.

  7. A kingdom cannot have two kings. A people cannot have two governments. We pretend that we can get round this by having both a king (Jesus) and a government. That is logically impossible.

  8. The prophets, gospels, Daniel and Revelation say that most human government is bad and will collapse and be swept away.

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