Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Visions of Disaster (1)

A friend asked me about visions of earthquakes/tsunamis coming to different parts of country that have been shared Christians in different parts of New Zealand. Several people confirmed in their own personal words or visions as well. May answer is as follows.

Talk of Tsunamis and earthquakes have circulated for years. Thirty years ago, the talk was of Wellington. And an Australian saw a vision of a volcano blowing out of Lake Taupo. A few years ago, several Christians saw a vision of a tsunami destroying Christchurch. (One American couple moved to Dunedin to avoid it). I have not heard the latest accounts, but I find it hard to take them seriously, because they do not stir my heart.

I believe that spiritually-sensitive Christians sometimes hear the devil saying what he would like to do. Before the Christchurch earthquake, a friend heard an audible voice while he was walking through Christchurch at lunchtime say, “I am going to destroy this city”. After the earthquake, he assumed that God had been warning him. I do not doubt what he heard, but I do not accept his interpretation. God does not want to destroy Christchurch, because he has good plans for it. It is the devil who wants to destroy Christchurch.

The devil is the one who loves to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). He wants to destroy the Christchurch, because he knows that God has plans for it, even though he does not know what they are. I believe my friend heard the devil speaking out what he wanted to do (but was not actually capable of doing). Or perhaps, God let my friend hear what the devil was saying, so he could stand against it in prayer.

I assume that most of the talk about tsunamis comes from spiritually–sensitive people who have picked up what the devil wants to do. Fear is his one of his best weapons. Or more likely, God is letting them hear what the devil wants to do, so they will intercede against it.

It is dangerous, if Christians agree with these words, because they give the powers of evil authority to do what they want to do. It is possible that the Christian who delighted in the vision of tsunamis destroying Christchurch, were actually giving the powers of evil permission to trigger the earthquake that did such immense damage in the city.

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