Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Jesus said to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Everything is God’s, so Caesar has nothing. Jesus rendered nothing to him, except for surrendering to the brutal power of his soldiers.

A Christian cannot be a democrat or a republican, because they owe their allegiance to Jesus.

Christians cannot give their allegiance to a political government, whether it is democrat or republican, because it is an alternative king.

Christians must give full allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom, so they cannot give their allegiance to any other king.

Christians cannot be willing citizens of a nation state, because the nation state is an alternative kingdom.

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August said...

The modern state is worse than Caesar. Caesar allowed differentiation. The Christians could live in their own enclaves, with their own authority structures. Christians had a path they could follow, and non-Christians had a Christian society that they could see, and want to be a part of.

Nations come about biologically; the modern state does not.

Peaceful ownership also comes about biologically. Those good at administration tend to keep what they have and get more, while those not particularly good at administrating get jobs from and pay rent to those who do. On this side of the second coming, that's about as good as it will get.

So, if Christians are engaged in politics right now, you might look at what they are engaged for. Are they hoping for, and trying to get the modern state to get off their backs so that we can have our own authority structure, our own place, and paths for our children to follow that lead to adulthood without mortal compromise with this modern world?