Friday, February 10, 2017


When I realised that the US Presidential election was a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I thought that the nation must be under a curse to have such a terrible choice.

I now find the vehement and angry argument between Christians about Donald Trump equally disturbing. Some Christians are prophesying a great turn around for the nation, but I cannot see how the Holy Spirit can work in such a divided body.

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August said...

It is possible. Our enemies are becoming obvious, rather than continuing to pretend. The left justifies violence against racism (thoughts, not any particular action), while they also say anyone who is not them is racist.

The side effect is to show, ever more clearly, that they are our enemies. And this effect is very good at making those who are on our side trying to be nice realize that their niceness is not effective.

So, if we start getting these enemies out, and start rebuilding our societies, we'll do well. But I'd look at what these prophets have been doing. Have they repented? Have they changed? Are they committed to building a real society complete with enough of an economy so that the young people they are in charge of can get married and have children? That there is actually a path that Christians can take that doesn't render their retirement, healthcare, family, etc- subject to the state?

Trump may be helping, but even if he can magically do far more than any of us expect, Christians still need to do the work. For far too long we've been doing work for the enemy.