Monday, February 13, 2017


In Kingdom Conspiracy, Scot McKnight is good when he says that the Holy Spirit works through the church. Kingdom work is always in the church.

However, he does not go far enough. He allows a place for politics and government. He says that they can do good, but it not kingdom work.

If Jesus is Lord, we must acknowledge that politics is evil.

Political governments are evil.

They can do things that appear to be useful and good, but they lead away from the Kingdom of God.

Christians have to acknowledge their power, but we must not expect them to advance the Kingdom of God.

Jesus had nothing to do with political power. He saw the Roman Empire, as well as the Herodians and others who colluded with them as his enemies (Mark 12:13). He loved them, when he encountered them, but they remained his enemies.

We must love our enemies, not pretend they are good.

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