Sunday, February 05, 2017

Religion in Society

Shadi Hamid made some interesting comments to the Economist about the role of religion in society.

In less religious or post-Christian societies, a mainstream Christianity is no longer capable of providing the necessary group identity. But that doesn’t mean other ideas won’t fill the vacuum. In other worst, be careful what you wish for: an America where religion plays less of a role isn’t necessarily a better one, if what replaces religion is white nativism....

The Trump phenomenon reflects the failure of Christianity to offer a convincing political formula for the 21st century, and the tendency for new ideologies to fill the void. Christianity has gradually lost its ability to offer a resonant politics for most Americans and Europeans. If religion can no longer speak to our politics, then people will search for something that approximates its certainty and conviction. What makes these substitutes more dangers than a politics infused by mainstream Christianity is they that are less coherent and principled.

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