Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Patriotic Prophets

When asked about his prophecy about Russia, Bob Jones said that there are too many patriotic prophets in the United States.

Many American prophets are prophesying patriotism instead of the truth.

I am staggered by the patriotism that distorts so much of the prophecy coming out of America at the current time.

Here are some examples,

The prophetic ministry will continue to anoint America's leaders moving forward just as they anointed Trump in this election, but their voice and authority shall grow." (Stephen Powell)
Nations outside the USA remember this: as the USA goes, so goes the world. The Lord is not just setting the USA unto divine order in 2017, but also the world (David Tomberlin)
We are moving into a year of "Trumpification" here in the United States like maybe no other year in our history. This word was coined to represent the effect of our next President on the affairs of men. This is a time where, regardless of political allegiance, we as Christians in the US must desire for revival to impact our nation with a shift for righteousness and morality. We have heard a slogan for months from our incoming President that he desires to "Make America Great Again." (Gale Sheehan)
This man is unstoppable because I'm unstoppable. My Kingdom is unstoppable, and this man has a mandate from Heaven; he has momentum that is not his own. His movement will not dissipate, it will grow, and it will reach beyond the borders of American governing. It will inspire; it will stir up a nest (Stephen Powell)
The Glory of God Falling on the White House …United States of America, the new day is upon you marked by My glory with a beacon of hope and breakthrough (Lana Vawser)
The contrast with the biblical prophets is stunning. Amos and Jeremiah were not cheerleaders for the kings of Israel and Judah. They held a plumb line against the nation and tested the hearts of the people.

The OT prophets promised wonderful things, but they were conditional on the people turning back to God. The promises of the patriotic prophets seem to be unconditional. They will happen, because "God is sovereign". No change needed.

Jesus brought the good news of the kingdom of God, not the goods news of a nation state.

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