Friday, February 24, 2017

Spiritual Powers of Evil

Political power cannot work, because it amplifies the authority of the spiritual powers of evil. They concentrate on attacking the political leader or king. Once they conquer him/her, they have control of the entire nation.

We think democracy is superior to kingship, but nothing is different. The spiritual powers of evil would through the democratically elected leader in the same way as they work through kings. That is why elections seldom bring change. The spiritual powers of evil transfer their control to the new leader, and things continue the same.

Since kings and political leaders are the instruments of the spiritual powers of evil, we should recognise their true nature. We may have to submit to their power, because they are stronger than us, but we should pretend that they are good.

The individual people may start good, but they will not be strong enough to resist the stronghold that controls their nation. Thus political power always leads towards evil and away from the Kingdom Of God.

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