Thursday, May 23, 2024

American Prophecy (1) Too Late

Cindy Jacobs from Generals International recently released a prophecy for the nations. I found it quite disturbing.

The prophecy had two main themes.

1. Too Late
The second theme is a fairly ceiled critique of sexual immorality and emotional and sexual abuse in the church. In my view, this is lame, and far too late. The Roys Report has been exposing this stuff for years. Secular journalists have been doing the same, with the church objecting strenuously. The prophetic movement is late to the party.

Sexual abuse in the prophetic movement and the prayer movement (eg IHOP) is only just being exposed now, with the leader of these movements kicking and screaming. I can't believe that the leaders of these movements, who meet regularly together, could not discern what was happening in these movements. These are people who claim it hear the voice of the Spirit.

If the prophet movement could not discern sexual and emotional abuse in its midst, it cannot be very prophetic.

My next post will comment on the substance of the prophecy.

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