Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Proving the Existence of God

Many Christians are sharing this interview of Stephen Meyer by Piers Morgan. It is a very interesting discussion. Stephen Meyer does a good job of exposing the weakness in modern cosmogonies and the theory of evolution.

My only concern is that I think it is too strong to say that he has proved that God exists. Proof is a fairly slippery concept. Mathematical proof is different from scientific proof, which is different from the legal concept of “beyond reasonable doubt”.

The scientific method uses repeatable experiments to confirm or disprove concepts. This method cannot tell us anything about the origins of the universe, or the origins of animal life, or the existence of God, because it is not possible to do an experiment that would test any of these theories. The best that can be done is to establish an experiment to test various small steps in the evolutionary process, but scientists can never test the whole thing to prove that the entire process works. Likewise, it is not possible to create an experiment replicating the origin of the universe or the existence of God.

So scientists fall back on adopting a theory that explains all facts about the world as we currently have them (subject to Occam’s razor). But that is not sufficient to establish the truth. Most current theories cannot explain everything, hence the need for dark matter. Worse still, a theory that provides a plausible explanation for every fact currently known could prove to be inadequate when further facts about the universe emerge. Plausibility does not equate to truth.

A general definition of proof is evidence sufficient to establish the truth of a proposition. The problem with the evidence that Stephen Meyer produces is that it might be sufficient to persuade a Christian, but it is probably not sufficient to persuade someone who has not received a revelation from God.

Stephen Meyer does not prove the existence of a Christian God. All he can do is point to the existence of a very powerful being, who is personal in some way. But judging on the history of human life, this God could be capricious, rather than good. We can only get to a God of love through revelation by the Holy Spirit.

My view is that it is impossible for a finite human to prove or disprove the existence of an infinite God. I believe that we should be humble about the origins of the universe, because we cannot know that much about it origins without revelation from God, and he has not given us much detail about how he did it. Because we are finite, and our thinking is distorted by sin, we cannot know God apart from revelation from him.

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