Tuesday, May 28, 2024

American Prophecy (4) Prophetic Blindness

American prophets have been blinded by two things.

1. Hatred of Iran
The American prophets hate and fear Iran, despite it not being a serious threat to the United States. Iran it is vastly weaker, both economically and militarily than the United States.

The reason that American prophets and the American people are so obsessed with Iran is that the Iranian people gave the United States a bloody nose in 1979. Following the Iranian revolution in 1978, when the Iranian people threw off the US-supported Shah and his cruel security forces, a group of Iranians seized the US embassy in Teheran and took 53 Americans captive. The hostages were held for 444 days. Teams of students put together shredded documents to show that the US had been involved in trying to undermine the revolution.

President Carter ordered the U.S. military to attempt a rescue mission, called Operation Eagle Claw. This attempt failed with great publicity and was a huge embarrassment the United States because eight servicemen were killed when one of the rescue helicopters crashed into a transport aircraft.

The American establishment has never got over this humiliation, and have had an irrational hatred of Iran ever since. The American prophets have absorbed this hatred and fear, too, and this makes them blind to the truth. This fear has caused them to believe that Iran is capable of doing things far beyond its capability.

2. Zionism
Zionism is an ideology that claims that the Jewish people have a right to the land of Palestine, and that the people of other ethnic groups that live in the land should be pushed out, or subjugated to a Jewish state. Absorption of this belief, along with end-times teaching, has blinded the American prophets.

Loyalty to Israel has prompted American prophets to support the Israeli destruction of Gaza with American-made bombs. They have remained silent about the massacre of the residents of Gaza. They claim that those who support the people of Gaza are “empowered by the spirit of Amalek”. The prophets accuse their “people of holding anti-semitic and anti-Jewish ideas, and having hatred in their hearts”.

Their blatant support for this ugly massacre and cruel starvation of the people of Gaza is repulsive to the people to the people of the world, and to many Americans. This horrible behaviour will do immense harm to the gospel. In a detailed article called Israel and Gaza 2024, I explained the consequences of this support.

The blanket support of Israel by Christians, particularly in the United States, is disturbing. Thousands of bombs made and paid for by Christian America have been dropped on trapped civilians, but no one cares.

The euphoric and jubilant approval of this destructive violence by Christian leaders is disturbing. A steep price will be paid in increasing hostility to the gospel, particularly in the parts of the world where the deliverance from evil that Jesus died for is so desperately needed. God's people have become an embarrassment to God.

The dreadful silence of the American internet prophets is distressing, but not unexpected.

What happens spiritually to a nation whose prophets and spiritual leaders spill out hatred and anger, and suck in lies with keen willingness; especially when they don't realise that the hatred and anger is there, because they have been with them for so long that they have become their friend, and the lies have become so comfortable that they seem like the truth.
The shame that has been released is a blot that can never be covered up.
Blind support of a doctrine like Zionism, which must inevitably result in either apartheid or ethnic cleansing, is dangerous for Christian prophets.

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