Wednesday, May 01, 2024

United States Invades Israel

The entire world is outraged by the behaviour of Israel. The callous slaughter of women and children is brutal. The destruction of buildings and land is barbaric. I believe that the time will come when the United States will be forced to invade its favourite ally to rein it in and stop the wanton violence. I am not sure how soon.

Daniel explains that the King of the North (the United States) will respond to the outrageous behaviour of the Israeli government by sending military forces against it in an attempt to recover the situation and restore peace.

Then the King of the North will come and spread out, and he will seize the fortifications of an armed fortress. The military forces of the South will not be able to stand, even their special services will not have the strength to resist (Dan 11:15).
The United States will come to the Middle East. It will either invade Gaza directly to establish a beachhead, or it will enter Egypt and take over a military base on the Egyptian side of the border with Israel.
The one who comes against him will do as he pleases, and no one will be able to stand against him; he will be able to stand in the Glorious Land, but with destruction in his hand (Dan 11:16).
The military forces encountered will be unable to resist. The President of the United States will be able to do as he pleases, ignoring pressure from other nations and flouting the decisions of international organisations. The "Glorious Land" is a reference to Israel.

The United States will establish a military base in Israel, possibly in Gaza. Daniel explains that the Israeli Defence Forces will have to surrender the President of the United States because “destruction in his hand”. This is a reference to overwhelming military power. It might even be a threat to use nuclear power against Israel if it does not submit to the President’s demands.

The United States will have all of its massive power behind its demands. Israel could be surrounded by a dozen aircraft carriers with their supporting fleet. The President has the power to destroy Israel.

He will set his face to come with the power of his whole kingdom, bringing with him a proposal of peace which he will put into effect (Dan 11:17a).
Some English translations describe this peace proposal as “equitable conditions”. This could be a reference to a peace plan that would provide equity between the Jewish and Palestinian people. The President of the United States will be determined to “put this plan into effect”.

In an attempt to establish the peace deal, the United States will create a formal alliance with Israel, which it has not previously had.

And he shall make the daughter into a wife to weaken her position, but this will not succeed, nor will she be for him (Dan 11:17b).
The United States will formalise an alliance with Israel in return for peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people. It will be hoped that this will weaken Israeli hostility to the Palestinian people.

The United States will attempt to bring peace to the Middle East peace through this alliance (In traditional cultures, alliances were cemented by the marriage of sons and daughters). However, these plans will fail when Israel refuses to go along with the Western plans for peace. They will twist the treaty and continue oppressing the Palestinian people.

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