Thursday, January 22, 2009

DANG (3) - For Health Care

People all over the world expect their governments to save them from sickness by spending more and more and more on health care. The problem is that sickness came into the world through sin, so dealing with the cause of sin is the key to healing sickness. Turning back the curse of sin is an impossible task for the state. When one sickness or disease is cured, another that is worse pops up in its place. Governments will always fail to deal with sickness, because they are unwilling to deal with sin, the cause of sickness.

Modern health technology is so incredibly expensive that health budgets are “blowing out”. As aging populations make this problem worse, rationing will be needed. Governments will be unable afford every treatment that is available for its citizens.

Compulsory funding of health care is morally wrong. If I choose to pay for the healthcare of another person, that is fine. However, the government does not have authority to make one person pay for another person’s healthcare. Taking money without consent is theft.

The only effective solution to sickness is the cross of Jesus, because it dealt with sin and removed the cause of sickness. The gift of healing is God’s solution to sickness. It works, because it rolls back the curse.

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