Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DANG (9) - Protection from Theives

A variety of options are available to those who are worried about their property being stolen.

  • Giving possessions away to the poor.
  • Placing all valuables in a band for security.
  • Employing a personal body guard.
  • Purchasing insurance against theft.
  • Putting locks on all doors and gates.
  • Living in a community of people who are honest.
The civil government does not protect our property, because the police will only act after a theft has occurred. If they catch the thief, he will be fined, but the stolen goods will not necessarily be returned.

The modern state claims responsibility, but it is not really interested in solving crime. Despite enormous advances in technology, crime is now worse than it was fifty years ago. A crime will often be too small to justify using police resources for an investigation and prosecution. Police avoid crimes they consider to be insignificant, but every crime is significant to its victim.

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