Saturday, January 31, 2009

Top Twelve

According to MandM, Blessed Economist is just outside the Top Ten Christian Blogs on Public Discourse in New Zealand. I think it comes in as number 12. Wow!

I am not sure what that means. Most readers of Blessed Economist live outside New Zealand, so I presume that the statistics refer to blogs published in New Zealand, rather than those that are read here.

The statistics are based on measures of unique visitors and links as published by Alexa. I am surprised that this site does so well, because I have never encouraged links from other sites. One way to increase the number of links is to develop a huge blogroll. Following the principle of “You scratched my back, so I will scratch yours”, most of the bloggers on the blogroll will place a link back to the blog on theirs.

I have never got into this game, because I am uneasy about linking to a blog unless I have confidence in the material that will appear on it. I prefer to link to particular posts or groups of posts that express views that I can endorse. This probably reduces my scores, but I care more about integrity than publicity.


Gene said...

well deserved.

I might disagree with you politically in some ways....(fighting just war) I do find your economic observations very enlightening.

Thanks for being a constant good read.

Madeleine said...

Having now discovered you, I intend to read your blog more often.

We don't play the huge blogroll game either, we only link to sites we think worthy of wider readership. Despite this, more people link to us than we link to other people so I think it still all comes back to quality content.

As for how you made the rankings, if you make Tumeke's list and you are openly Christian, you will be considered for ours.

Tumeke ID's NZ blogs as both those written by people based in NZ and ex-pat kiwis overseas who write on kiwi issues regardless of their readership.

Ron McK said...

Thanks Madeleine.