Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Young Boy

What will become of this young boy? What are his dreams?

There is no point him growing up to be a businessman, because it is impossible to do business with irregular electricity supplies and no potential for international trade.

He cannot emigrate, because no country in the free world will admit him.

I suppose he could get educated, but what would he do with learning.

The chances of him becoming a Christian are quite low. He already hates the Christians who supplied the bombs that smashed the building behind him.

Who would bother taking the gospel to him?

I would not be surprised if he learned how to make rockets and fire them over the border. That might lead to an early death. But he might feel that is better than dying slowly in Gaza?


Gene said...

You are so right. No one will take the Gospel to him the way things are in Gaza today.

If Gaza was an ordered society with a significant level of security there are a lot of Christians anxious to take the Gospel to him.

I am hopeful this incursion and cleansing of the evil that is Hamas will result in that eventuality. He needs Jesus. He won't ever have a future with the way things have been under corrupt rule.

I support Israel in this effort.

Ron McK said...

If we only take peaces where their is peace, we will never have peace.

Bomb first with Christian-made and financied bombs and take the gospel second is not a great strategy.

Guns and white phosphorus cannot exterminate evil. They kill and maim people, but the evil spirits remain. Only the preaching in the power of the spirit can remove them.