Friday, January 23, 2009

DANG (4) - Education

The state also struggles with education and generally turns out mediocrity and failure.

God has given parents responsibility for educating their children. (Deut 6:6,7). They are free to delegate that responsibility to schools with teachers that they trust. If parents are paying for the cost, they will choose quality education for their children.

When the state controls education, it inevitably becomes more and more secular. Politicians will generally be unable to agree on religious and moral values, so they will settle for secular education. State funded education is generally compulsory, so a world view that is hostile to God is foisted onto Christian families.

When parents fund and control the education of their children, they can teach their children within a theistic world view.

State education uses a factory system. I cannot understand why ayone would want to put a thousand teenage boys together in one place. Parents-controlled education will be radically different. Young adults are capable of work, so their education will take place within a work environment that provides interaction with adults of all ages.

Modern information technology has eliminated the need for teachers to pass information on to their students. Teachers will become tutors who show their students how to find and assess information. They will teach them how to communicate and present information in effective ways.

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