Monday, January 26, 2009

Education of Boys (4) - Better Model

We need an education model that combines the power of the information age with the benefits from of youth work activity in traditional societies. Something like this.

  1. Boys should be sent to work when they reached the age of thirteen.
  2. The work should have a strong physical element to absorb the ample energy of youth. Much of the hard work in modern society is done by older men with not education. This work should be being done by young men.
  3. Once they begin working, boys should be expected to cover all their living costs. They would also make a contribution to their family to help with supporting younger children or aging grandparents.
  4. Each boy should work closely with a mature adult with good work habits and communication skills. He would learn about life from listening and observing this older man.
  5. Each boy should find a tutor in his community to teach him how to learn. The tutor would find out what the boy was interested in learning and help him to find the information relevant for his work and life. When necessary the tutor would refer him to another person with more skills in a particular field of endeavour.
  6. Young boys should be encouraged to save a significant share of their income. By the time they are twenty, they should have saved enough for a deposit on a house or to get started in their own business. This would equip him to support a wife and family.
  7. Once they are aged seventeen, some young men may need to participate in a more formal education organisation, like a university or technical institute. This should not be seen as an escape Families would only allow them to take this direction, if they have saved enough to pay for the cost of their education from work.

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