Friday, January 23, 2009

Education of Boys (1)

Modern secondary schools are education factories. They apply the principles of production line management and specialisation that were so successful in the production of automobiles and computer to the education of young adults. Large numbers of students are brought together in one place to achieve economies of scale. Young students are fed into the factory at one end and proceed through sequence of processes until they come out the other end as “well-rounded adults”.

Efficiencies are also achieved by getting teachers and counsellors to specialise. One teacher knows how to tighten the cylinder head and another and another can fit a door, but no one teacher is able to apply every process that is required to educate a student.

Teenage boys have enormous energy that is easily aroused. I am not sure why anyone would want to put a thousand of them together in one place. It is just asking for trouble, yet that is what happens at education factories.

Teenage boys are easily influenced, so they need good influences. Unfortnately the only adult influence in the education factory is the teachers, but they are outnumbered thirty to one. Most teachers are good people, but they are often not the types of people that boys respect as role models. Most of the influencing is done by other boys attending the education factory, and this is often the wrong kind of influence. Boys need to be with adults who can provide a more positive influence.

The education factory applies thee traditional classical education, which includes English literature, mathematics and history. Most teenage boys find these topics boring and irrelevant, and bored minds look to mischief for entertainment.

While they are attending the education factory, most boys do not need to earn their income. Most of what they need is provided by their family or the state. If they participate in part-time employment, they able to spend their earnings on themselves, because they have no other responsibilities. The education factory trains boys to be selfish, idle and careless. They are fully sexed up, but too immature to take responsibility for raising children.

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Unknown said...

All good reasons to home school which I do. I'm a little concerned though if a lot of Christians do like wise, about who will evangelize the world we have failed to reach as adults.