Sunday, February 05, 2006

Circuit Breaker

I had been trying to understand why, despite all the promises of revival, nothing seems to be happening. It seems like something is needed to break things open.

People are praying for revival, but nothing is happening. Prophets are prophesying an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. But God will not put new wine into old wineskins.

Dark clouds are coming, but no one is ready. The days are urgent; but nothing changes. We should be using the time to prepare.

I began to ask. What is the circuit breaker, that will open the way for the Holy Spirit to really move? God said,

The circuit breaker is

"Christians Connecting"

God can pour out his Spirit, but he cannot make people connect. We must do that ourselves. We have to choose to do it.

Christians must be fully connected. The body must have four limbs all joined to the body:pastors, prophets, evangelists, apostles. Each bone must be joined to two other. Each limb should have five fingers or toes. We cannot get connected together by meeting on a Sunday. It will take a much greater commitment.

God’s strategy is to connect Christians together in new wineskins.

Prophets should be prophesying connection (Ezek 37:4-6). This is not the time for prophesying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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Reformedguy said...

You are coming dangerously close to theological synergism -- the notion that God does His part, but can only take the matter so far. Beyond that, He must also wait upon the creature's free will decision to act.

As a Calvinist, I reject synergism in favor of monergism -- the notion that a predestinating God cannot fail to accomplish His plan and that man deludes himself to think that God's plans depend upon sinful man's contribution.

Ron McK said...

You are right. Man cannot stop God from doing what he wants to do. That means that if we will not do what he wants to do, he will find someone else who will. That is a frightening thought. He may have to move some us out of the way, so he can accomplish his purposes in our time.

Better to be a David, than a Saul!