Friday, February 17, 2006

ToTD (7) Grapes of Wrath

In the book Grapes of Wrath
people were totally unprepared for the disaster
they faced.

When the world they knew was shattered,
people were totally unprepared for what happens,
they were tossed around like driftwood in a stormy sea,
they were at the mercy of the strongmen they encounter,
they were powerless before events.

Strong capable men were unable to find employment
and struggled to feed their families.

However, depression is merciful,
It does not kill people,
but wakes us to the realities of life.
In the West,
most of what we lose will be luxuries.
Losing them will not cause much pain.

A woman was staggering around and trying to stand up.
Only when they had to put their arms around her to hold her up,
did someone remember that she is a diabetic,
and ask someone to get something sweet for her to drink.

Christians should be getting prepared to support
those who are staggering under the strain
on the verge of collapse.
We will need to embrace them
and help them to stand.
The better we know them,
the easier it will be to support them.

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