Monday, February 20, 2006

Good and Evil Terror

The world powers are engaged in an all-out battle against terrorism. Terrorists are hated and feared, because they use terror to achieve their political goals. Suicide bombers attacking railway stations and restaurants to strike terror among ordinary people is evil.

However, when the United States bombed Iraq with "Shock and Awe", many Iraqi civilians were also filled with terror. When Israeli helicopter gunships launch rockets at houses or cars on the West Bank, little children experience terror. When daisy-cutter bombs were dropped on Afghanistan, many civilians experienced terrible terror. These are all "good" terror, because they are advancing democracy.

The little people must not use terror as a weapon, because they are "evil",
but the bigger people can use terror as a weapon, because they are "good".

When it comes to terror, the categories of good and evil are strangely confused.

Surely, everyone using terror is terrorist,
whether they are flying a B1 Bomber or riding a bus.

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