Friday, February 10, 2006

TOTD (1) A Tale of Two Davids

In 1982, David Pawson was invited to speak in New Zealand. His had a reputation as a bible teacher, so people the people of Wellington were surprised when he said that he had a prophetic word. He carried two burdens that God had given him for our nation. One burden was as follows:

God wants New Zealand back.
He wants New Zealand back as
a nation that will be a model to the nations
of a people who are living under the government of GOD.
God intends New Zealand to be one of those nations
where he demonstrates his Kingdom.
God wants New Zealand back.
He is wanting his people to reign with him.
Don’t wait for eternity to begin to reign with him
He is looking for a queen to reign with him now,
because New Zealand has a king an his name is King Jesus.
This country needs a change of government.
New Zealand is a nation that could be brought
under the government of God
and be a light to the nations.
This first burden was not understood; his second burden was simple:
God want’s to bring revival to New Zealand for the first time.
God will bring revival through economic ruin.
He then asked, "Who is willing to pray for economic ruin, to make revival possible"? This burden was not well received in Wellington, but when he was handed a vision that confirmed his burden, David Pawson took the message of “revival through economic ruin” around New Zealand.

This and my next few posts are primarily for New Zealand, but the principles are relevant to any western nation. The full series can be found at Two Davids.

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