Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ToTD (5) Good Land

The LORD has given us a good land,
a land with springs, rivers and lakes,
with streams flowing out of the hills and down through the valleys;
a land of wheat and barley, of grapes and olives, and honey;
a land where bread is not scarce and we lack nothing.

We have eaten and become full.
We have built beautiful houses to dwell in
our herds and your flocks have multiplied
our silver and your gold has multiplied,
and all that we have is multiplied
but our hearts have become proud
and we have forgotten the LORD our God,
who gave us this life.

We say in your heart’s,
“‘Our power and the might of our hands have gained us this wealth.’
We have forgotten that the LORD your God is the one
who gives us the ability to produce wealth (Deut 8-18).

So before now,
to be true to his word,
and fair to other nations,
he should have withdrawn the blessings
that he has poured out upon us.

Judgement is overdue
on this land.

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