Saturday, February 25, 2006

Phc (3)

The British parliament has passed a law against the Glorification of Terror, even though no one is sure what this means.

The greatest irony is that the British government will continue to glorify war. Governments glorify war so they can get young people throw their lives away on causes that they do not care about. Very few people would be willing to die for the miserly wages payed by the army.

The British government is currently telling British troops in Iraq, that they are re-building civilization. This is not a cause that most young people would normally be willing to die for (the politicians never die), so they are being offered glory instead.

Most of the terror in the world has been caused by war and not by terrorists.

The people of Dresden experienced terrible terror, when the bombs dropped by British bomber Command caused large firestorms. Thousands of civilians died a horrible death. Yet the British government will continue to celebrate the exploits of Bomber Command.

Closer to home, when Australian, New Zealand and British forces invaded Turkey without provocation, many Turks must have experienced terror. Yet we continue to glorify the attack.

We should not glorify terrorism, but neither should we glorify war.

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