Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Danish Cartoons

The infamous cartoons were published by several New Zealand newspapers. Now the government and export companies are worried that this action might affect our trade with Moslem nations. They are bending over backwards to distance themselves from the newspapers actions.

The government announced that New Zealand respects all faiths and cultures. This is a bit odd. In New Zealand the use of the word Jesus as an expletive has become so common, that I no longer notice it. I should be outraged. I wonder what would happen if people started using the name Mohammed as an expletive. The government and exporters would be jumping up and down. I suspect that many members of the government will occasionally use the name of Jesus as an expletive, but no one cares, because it does not affect our trade. The truth is that New Zealand respects every religion but Christianity. That is a little hypocritical.

Not that we want the state protecting Jesus. He can take care of himself.)

In a similar manner the media took umbrage at the "Enough is Enough" march, but was not offended by the Moslems marching up Queen Street, even though some of their slogans and chants were quite aggressive. More hypocracy??

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