Wednesday, February 22, 2006

ToTD (11) Clever People

God wants to speak to the clever people
who lead and shape the nation.
He has a bone to pick with each of you.

You have rejected God,

You say that you don’t need him.
That’s fine for you
but you have led the people astray.
You have told them that trust in God
is only for primitive people.
You say “We are wiser now
and do not need the old ideas”
and they have believed you
and forgotten God

You have said,

Listen to us
We have clever plans and policies
to bring prosperity and plenty to New Zealand.
Do not worry about the future,
because we know what needs to be done
to make life better.
You have taught the people a lie,
because the Lord your God is the one
who gives peace and plenty.

Just when you think that
you have everything under control

and the trouble has passed
an economic shaking will hit.
You will not have predicted it,
so you will be totally surprised.
You will be powerless to prevent it,
and your solutions will make things worse.
Your human plans and clever policies
will be exposed as lies and failures.

But you still will not acknowledge your need
for God’s wisdom and help.

This full series can be found at Two Davids.

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1 comment:

Ted M. Gossard said...

Ron, nice poetry. and true.

I was hearing a story this morning on the Philippines. And how people were wishing for the days of Marcos again. In spite of the bad times they had then. They had expected better afterwards. Looks like misplaced confidence there.

I see it here too.