Sunday, February 12, 2006

ToTD (3) Why the Wait?

An interesting question is why this message of economic trouble has come again, after so long. And why was David Pawson's burden not fulfilled. The reason for the delay is that God was giving his people time to get ready. If he had allowed an economic disaster to strike New Zealand at the time, many of his people would have been ruined.

He warned that when judgement came
many Christians would be swept away
if they were not prepared.

If the economy collapsed,
most people would be shaken and fall.
God would need his people standing together,
so they could minister
to those who were shaken.

David shared his burden,
he also told us how to get ready.
People listened, but they did not hear
Crash, Crash, Amen, Amen! they said,
but no one got ready.
So God could do nothing,
he could not fulfil his word.
A word that is not heard,
cannot be fulfilled.

Our complacency is a serious sin,
that has held back God’s ability to shape our nation.

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