Thursday, February 16, 2006

ToTD (6) Complacency

Two young boys were playing beside a lake.
About four metres out from the edge was a small flat island,
an interesting place to play.
The water surface looked smooth,
so the boy decided to wade out to the island.

Their father warned them to be careful,
but the water looked calm,
so they plunged ahead,
but were soon up to their waists in mud.
They managed to struggle on to the island,
but they were shocked and bedraggled.

God’s people are like children.
When warned of danger,
they ignore the warning
and plunge ahead,
because things look okay on the surface.
Only when they are up to their waists in mess,
will they realise that something is wrong.

Because God’s people are unprepared for shaking,
some will be totally shattered and others will be swept away.

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